California Fires: Deadly Wildfires Sweep Through Wine Country

Parts of California's wine region are being ravaged by fast-spreading fires

Parts of California’s wine region are being ravaged by fast-spreading fires that have killed at least 10 people.
A state of emergency was declared in northern areas after mass evacuations, with 1,500 properties destroyed.
About 20,000 people fled from Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties in response to some the state’s worst-ever wildfires.
Such fires are more common in southern California but a combination of dry weather and strong winds has fuelled the destuction in the north.

“These fires have destroyed structures and continue to threaten thousands of homes, necessitating the evacuation of thousands of residents,” Governor Edmund G Brown said, declaring the emergency.
There is little sign the weather in the coming days will bring relief to firefighters, BBC Weather says.

More tinder dry conditions are forecast, with no rain expected.
Details of how the seven people died in Sonoma were not immediately available but country sheriff Rob Giordano said he expected the death toll to rise.
“There is a lot of burned homes and a lot of burned areas, so it’s just logical that we’re gonna find more people,” he said.

Fire burns from an open gas valve near the pool area at the Journey's End trailer park on Monday, October 9, in Santa Rosa, California. A wildfire destroyed nearly all of the approximately 160 units in the park, which is a neighborhood for residents over age 55.

A firefighter douses flames at a home in the Anaheim Hills neighborhood in Anaheim, California, on Monday, October 9.

A firefighter covers his eyes as he walks past a burning hillside in Santa Rosa, California, on Monday, October 9. Wildfires whipped by powerful winds swept through Northern California, sending residents fleeing to safety through smoke and flames as homes burned.

Fire glows on a hillside vineyard in Napa, California, on Monday as multiple wind-driven fires continue to whip through the region.

An inmate firefighter monitors flames as a house burns Monday in the Napa wine region in California.

A man walks Monday next to a burning house in the Silverado Crest subdivision in Napa.

A resident rushes to save his home on Monday in Glen Ellen.

A large plume of smoke rises over the city of Orange, California, on Monday. The wildfire started Monday about 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles in the hill country of eastern Orange County, the Anaheim Fire Department said.

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