Albania is the first tourist destination for 2018, here is the suggestion of Volagratis

Volagratis, the worldwide tourist travel portal and the European leader in the travel industry, has published today the list of the 15 countries that represent the favorite destinations for next 2018.

The first place in this list is Albania, which is classified as the country with great tourist potential and good quality-cost.

Albania offers a huge variety of natural landscapes in its territory: in the Volagratis portal, in 2017, tourism reservations in Albania increased by 88% compared to the previous year.

“The most recommended month to visit Albania is August thanks to the warm weather. But all year Albania gives the emotion of a rare beauty. ” The list goes on with Tanzania, Belarus, Moldova, Oman, Croatia and other locations.

Every year over 10 million people from 35 different countries book their trips in 15 different languages on Volagratis.

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