Cocaine in the child’s thermos, one arrested by the police

A man concealed cocaine inside the one-year-old son’s thermos, but the drug business, mainly carried out in the Valdichiana area, did not escape the State Police who arrested him.
It was not easy for investigators from the Anti-Drug Squadron of the Mobile Team of the Siena Police Headquarters, headed by Commissioner Capo Enzo Tarquini, to seize their hands in the ML’s bag, a 32-year-old Albanian but long in Italy, resident in Sinalunga, where he acquired also citizenship.
Police officers in the field of investigative activities aimed at preventing and contrasting drug trafficking had in fact collected information about him and went to search for him in the country of residence.
The man was stopped, in the Audi on which they traveled, near home, and the police saw the particular nervousness of the man who could conceal something.
After they identified him, they decided to inspect the vehicle and, within a bag that was lying on the car seat, on the passenger side, found 2 vacuum packs containing over 50 grams of cocaine each.

All the material found and the drug, about 250 grams useful for 350 doses and with a value of around 25,000 euros, were seized.
The man was arrested for detention for drug trafficking and this morning, following the very direct judgment, he was subjected to the measure of house arrest.

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