Lazio Interested for Sokol Cikalleshi

The Albanian National Team striker Sokol Cikalleshi future may be in the ranks of Lazio, part of Italy’s Series ‘A’.
The latest news but also the earlier declarations of Lazio’s sportive director, Igli Tare that Cikalleshi should play in a more qualitative league than the Turkish one give the impression that he may soon present a bid to Osmanlispor for Cikalleshi’s purchase.

The player’s manager, Emre Gumusdograyan reacted over these rumors by saying that despite the fact that Tare’s declaration proves the players values no specific bid has yet been presented.

“If a bid will be presented we will consider it with maximal seriousness but for the moment there’s nothing to talk about,” declared the manager.

A possible transfer of Cikalleshi to Lazio would mean a big forward step for the player giving him the chance to unfold his qualities in one of the world’s strongest championships.

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