Legends of Vlora, between myths and reality

The Ionian Sea baths the coasts of three states: Italy, Greece and Albania. Originally this sea was called “Joni”, from which the same etymology of the word “Ionian” comes from, and it was surrounded by territories of Illyrian origin: Apulia and Basilicata in Italy, Kaonet and Vlora in Albania, Moloset and Thesprotet in Greece. Another hypothesis about the origins of the Ionian Sea is related to the legend of Joni, who was the son of Durres, Epidamn’s grandson, and the great-grandson of Poseidon (the Greek god of the seas).

Another legend tells of Jona, a beautiful illiric girl. While she was waiting for her husband to return from remote exile, she saddened on a rock and suddenly fell into the sea. The legend says that the sea took the color of his eyes, while the waves the Jona’s white gown color. And this legend is passed down and repeated in the names of people who still carry the name “Jona”.

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