Magic phone chargers that only take minutes might be on the way soon

There are few things more annoying than having to put your phone on aeroplane mode to conserve battery on your commute, or having to position your bed close enough to a plug so you can blissfully browse and charge your phone before you go to sleep.

Thankfully, it sounds like those days might well be a thing of the past soon.

And by ‘soon’, we mean maybe in the next few years or so, but still, we’ll take it.

Thanks to British start-up firm Zap&Go, those painstaking hours it can sometimes take to charge your phone will be reduced to mere minutes with a brand new battery.

iPhone charger

The tech company are designing carbon ion-cells to replace the lithium-ion batteries that currently exist in our handsets.

The new batteries, which have the rather cool-sounding name of supercapacitors, can withstand thousands of charges and will power up your devices in no time at all.

Zap&Go have already (kind of) mastered the problem of the electric scooter battery, designing a pack that delivers 12 minutes of staying power after only six minutes of charging, as opposed to the usual six-hour charge time.

OK, we know electric scooters are cool and all, but can we please prioritise the phone-charging tech? We’re not sure we can cope with lying on the wrong side of the bed for much longer.

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