My mum has so much hate for my dad and I can’t put up with it

She kicked him out after finding he had texted another woman and often phones me, crying, while my dad lives on his own and seems depressed.

Some months ago, my mum discovered that my dad was texting another woman, and since he had cheated on her seven years ago, she assumed that he had cheated on her again.

He admitted the texts, but denied any physical relationship.

She then told him to leave their home and insulted him in all possible ways, threatening him and claiming that her life was over.

She often calls me crying, saying that I’m the only one she can talk with, even though I have told her many times that I can’t stand all this hate towards my dad.

She has said things I feel very ashamed of. Meanwhile, my dad lives on his own and I’m afraid he may be depressed.

He tried to make up with her in all possible ways, but she keeps hurting him by calling him to insult him.

I love them equally but they have deeply disappointed me, and as an only child I feel it’s too much weight on me.

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