Notice for subscribers of Vlora

Due to the maintenance and arrangement of N / station a Vlora 1, we are obliged to interrupt electricity on November 26th on Sunday.
The areas affected by this option are:

Hours from 00:00 to 02:30.
24 Maj, Deshmoret, 28 Nentori, Muradie, Lirime, Petrolifera, Lagjet Kushtrime, 11 Janari, Bashkimi, 29 Nëntori, Hidrovori i ri, 1 Maj, Pavaresia and the area of the sports palace.

from 02:30 to 05:00.
Hidrovori i madh, TEC-i i ri, 24 Maj, 29 Nëntori, Pompat e Ujesjellsit, Lagjet Kushtrime, Dëshmorët, Lirime, 28 Nëntori, Policia, Burgu, Bashkimi, 1 Maj, Pavarësia, at the University, Palace of Sport, Stadio and Port.

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